Responses from Audiences

“The performance was so outstanding and moving that I got goose bumps and cried. A performance in which each historical figure describes her own trials and accomplishments is so much better than just reading about the woman in a book.” – Lilly Ledbetter, Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the first act of legislation signed by President Obama

“There is a sense of wonderment, gratitude and deep humility awaiting the audiences of “We Did it For You”.    An astonishing revelation of women’s often unrecognized accomplishments throughout history, I found myself wondering why someone hadn’t dramatized these triumphs before.  Beyond the well known heroines like Madame Curie, Margaret Sanger or Amelia Erhart, playwright Thea Iberall offers a multi century parade of feminine genius and courage ..   and does it with humor and fun.   Your daughters must see this but, the men in your family will enjoy it too.” — Paul Williams, Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe Winning Songwriter

“Lovely I really enjoy it” – Marie Calderon

“GREAT JOB LADIES! Can’t wait til next year. ” – Judy Butler

“I loved the play…it created a historical context on what it is to be a woman that most women don’t know.”  – Michel Joy

“Congratulations on a successful First Run! ” – Alison Fleming

“The play was amazing! I laughed, I cried, and I sang along. Watching that play was a gift. I learned so much and really was awed by what women accomplished, against giant odds. Beautiful experience. ” – Patricia Griffiths

“I watched the play both on Sun. for your dress rehearsal and on Sat. at the conference. I cried both times….I did not know any of the history of women that you told and was so amazed at the way you brought it all together.”  – Sue Bretl

“Younger women have no concept of how women have been treated as second class citizen. One of these days we will ALL be free to live our lives the way we want to. ” – Jo Hallmark

“Great play Thea! Very powerful! I loved it: well-constructed, funny, great music, great choreography; never a dull moment. And it hit me on a visceral level, which was sustained throughout the performance. I’m talking all verklempt here! Bravos and bravas to all concerned! Broadway-bound…” – Ron Levy

“It was, of course, very informative. However, what I like best is that it’s FUN and funny. It was just perfect!” – Dianna LaBonte

“It’s so phenomenal. The young student only knows about technology, but you see the aha moment. When kids watch this, they will see that they are not alone on the planet.” – Penni Rubin

“That was a wonderful treat.  Great story. All our daughters need to see it.” – Debra Barbre

“After seeing your production, I have been raving to anyone within earshot.” – Trish Heckhaus

“It was fabulous, I loved it. The pacing is perfect. The pictures tell the year you’re in. The mashed up songs were magnificent, the two voices together were amazing. The show was exciting. The flow was snappy, no slow parts, no longer just waiting for the next person to speak. It was fun mixing the women from different eras. I learned so much — I never had a sense before of how much hard work and sacrifice it took.” – Norrie Robbins

“No words of praise seem worthy after watching the performance of your show.  So I won’t seek them now but they will come…powerful, moving, poignant, entertaining, ‘must see,’ history made real, triumphal, wonderful.”   – Charles Redner

“It was really great!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!” – Madge Levinson, actress

“It was a four Kleenex event even after seeing it three times. It was wonderful” Norrie Robbins

“Congratulations! It was spectacular! I’m not the only one who thought so” – Melanie Rubin

“IT WAS FABULOUS ! ! ! ! !”

“It was so worth the computer problems and aggravation to be able to view your production.  Since I lived through the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and so on, I remember the fight and the celebration of all the accomplishments of women’s rights.  I have alerted my friends to view the play and celebrate International Women’s Day.  Thea, you did an incredible job and the players were fabulous.  What beautiful voices!” – Darryl Price


“That was WONDERFUL!!! I loved it! It was really great, really enjoyed it.” – Val O’Connor

“I watched it though teary eyes. Congratulations, it was wonderful.” – Helene Iberall

“I’m thrilled for you and the entire cast that you’re having so much success with your production. You have all done an outstanding job and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it last week.” – Nita

“So glad I went.”

“It went right to my heart.”


“We loved it” – Barbara Levine

“I’m so excited, I’m making you humentashen.”

“The play was a wonderful eye opener and I truly enjoyed hearing the comments from the young ladies around me. They were saying how the content was so amazing and how they never heard the information in the play in any history class they have ever been in.” – Sandra Argumedo

“My friends and I enjoyed the evening very much.  Thea’s play “We Did It for You” was very informative.  It gave a historical perspective to the women who played great parts in the women’s movement in the USA.” – Maimee Zee


“That was good. It made me cry.” Lilly Ledbetter

“It was wonderful.  You are fantastic.  What a talent.  What a show!!! ” – Evelyn Suskind

“Congratulations on a most wonderful play.” – Arlene Detweiler

“I must say I enjoyed We Did It For You. I agree that it should be mandatory viewing for all teenagers . It boost girls self esteem and tempers boys attitudes toward women that are oftentimes unconscious. Knowledge is power.”  – Jon Verwiel

“It was inspiring, made me feel like strong. I would really like to see it again and bring my grandchildren with me.” – Janet Taylor

“I thought it was a great play. You did a great job. Congratulations. Good luck.” – Ivy Taylor

“Loved it – inspiring. All young women must see this.” – Virginia Margks

“I like it very much a learned lot, realizing how little I know of my own legacy. I wish the men who helped us were given more credit.” – Joan Ross

“More wonderful the second time.” – Carol Charlton

“Excellent! — Proud 53 year-old woman” – Anita Moore

“It’s about time we know what the struggles were.” – Theresa Van Etten

“I had no idea.” – Robert Van Etten

“Bravo! Superb! Bravo!” – Dana Bless

“This show is superb. It made me feel so proud to be a woman. I am 84 years old and could relate to some of the flashback material. God bless Thea for writing it. God bless the cast for a magnificent portrayal.” – Shirley Wolk

“Every young woman in America will benefit from seeing this production. A heartfelt reminder of how much women went through for us to have our freedom.” – Karen Trujillo-Heffernan

“Wonderful! Excellent! I loved the show and it brought back memories of how I and several other women fought for equality. We worked for Wonder Bread and NOW helped us but not enough. We had a lawsuit that went nowhere. Valerie Harper made a move about us.” – Geri Horton

“Thea, You are a fabulous brilliant playwright”!  Jan Marshall (playwright)

“So fabulous and inspiring.  Every young girl must see this.  It will educate them in a most entertaining way.  Thank you so much.”

“Thank you”! Learned a lot!!” – Irv Snyder

“A great chronology that will motivate other females to push through obstacles and rise to leadership positions.  I am thankful my mom was a feminist.” – Jan Ernsbarger

“Fabulous great production.  Very meaningful and poignant.  Excellent acting and singing.  Bravo Thea! Good Luck on the road.” – Sonya Chastain

“Wow! I am speechless!  This should be a program for every school & women’s club” – Marlene Mitnick

“Great show!  Loved it!  Make a movie and reach many more.” – Terry Walowitz

“Excellent/very informative.  Put in schools- we need it.  Thank you!” – Kathy Cunningham

“One of the first women in California to obtain a property loan without a man’s name on the document says – this play made me laugh, made me cry and took me to the depths and heights of women’s suffrage.  Thank you.” – Shalla Callahan

“This is one of the best presentations on women’s rights ever!  I want to see it again!” – Sylvia Green

“I enjoyed the play very very much and had to fight back tears all through it.  Thank you all so very much.   God bless you” – Lavina Troolines

“Enjoyed very much.  Wish you luck in the future.”  T. Moore

“Delightful, educational, passionate & entertaining!!!” – Kirk Moore

“What a great play.  It should be made into a movie for all to see.  Yes, we are losing ground.  As a woman we need to be reminded to keep fighting.” – Darlene Maes

“I grew up in the 60’s and didn’t know hardly any of our history.  Thank you.  I would love volunteering in any way if/when you get to San Diego.” – Kim Kipnis


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  1. Ja'net Moses says:

    I am a student at Cal State San Bernardino and attended the performance there yesterday afternoon. I will admit that going in, I thought I would be bored but instead I was entertained, inspired and informed.
    I think this play is worth being seen by men and women alike as it is a reminder of our humanity and our continued struggle for basic human rights.

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