Responses from the Military

“The National Training Center and Fort Irwin recently celebrated our Women’s History Month Celebration.  We invited “We Did It For You,” a traveling ensemble who put on quite a performance for a nearly 350 member audience of Department of the Army Civilians, Military, and Family members.  The group portrayed the journey through early stages of women’s history and their struggle for equal rights through song and laughter, and a very strong message about what they suffered to provide us with the freedoms we have today.  The educational message was powerful and poignant, increasing our awareness and overall knowledge of our history.  If you have this troupe coming your way, put on your seat-belt for a rollercoaster ride you won’t soon forget. Thank you for an outstanding performance…many, many thanks.” – John E. Winkfield, Director Equal Employment Opportunity

“Absolutely fantastic performance. Should be mandatory in all secondary education and universities.” – rank unknown, male, US Army

“One of the best women’s history presentations I have seen in over 22 years in the military.” – Lieutenant Colonel, female, US Army

“Awesome show!! Educational! And entertaining!” – rank unknown, male, US Army

“Outstanding show! Better than a powerpoint presentation, like usual.” – Sargeant, male, US Army

“Terrific show! Funny and moving. Young men and women need to have the opportunity to enjoy this show and learn.” – Colonel, female, US Army

“The is the best presentations I’ve ever seen for women’s history month. It was well-presented and full of essential information and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you so much for coming here and dedicating your time to enlighten us.” – Specialist, male, US Army

“The performers/actors are very experienced to express their feelings. Overall, the show was very realistic.” – Specialist, male, US Army

“Great presentation and timeline on women’s contributions.” – Specialist, male, US Army

“The show was awesome. It kept everyone’s attention and gave some people a chance to really learn some things.” – rank unknown, male, US Army

“Best women’s history month even I’ve seen in 22 years of active duty service.” – Lieutenant Colonel, male, US Army

“Very good performance. It was fun, but at the same time educational.” – Major, male, US Army

“Awesome show!!! Very inspirational and a must see for adults and children alike.”- Command Sergeant Major, male, US Army

“The show was very informative for today’s generation.” – rank unknown, male, US Army

“I brought my middle school-aged daughter who is currently home-schooled. Thank you for giving her a glimpse of all that has happened in the past which has led to the freedom and equality she enjoys now.” – rank unknown, female, US Army

“This show was awesome. Very informative, learned a lot. Always though women just started fighting for rights in the 60s. Should go worldwide and across America.” – rank unknown, male, US Army

“This was really a great presentation. Truely a creative way to bring so much information out.” – rank unknown, female, US Army

“This was a wonderful show. Though I did get some women’s history in school, it never went this in-depth. Thank you so much.” – Staff Sargeant, female, US Army


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