Responses from Organizations

“It is with sincere delight that I pay tribute to the performers of the theater piece, We Did It For You! The key thing about the play in addition to it being written by women, about women and performed by women and is funny and moving and that like women in real life, it comes from the heart.”– CeCe Sloan, President, UN Women-USNC SoCal Chapter

“I was one of the exuberant women who viewed your production at AAUW-CA convention in Irvine last weekend.  I would love to find out what the rights of the show would be to produce it in the Bay area.  I am also VP-Programs Director for AAUW-CA and I would like to encourage other branches to do the same.”  – Cathy Foxhoven AAUW-CA, Program Director

“This program is not only important for women, it is important that ALL citizens see it, so that they gain understanding, insight, and appreciation for the role of the individual in effecting positive change. The lessons learned here apply to both genders and all ages and can be applied to contemporary issues, making them as relevant today as they were 100 or more years ago. A stirring, inspiring, patriotic and thoroughly delightful experience!”– Mitzi March Mogul, Vice President, Heritage Square Museum

“I’ve directed or performed in numerous stage productions for over 40 years, and never has my heart been touched so deeply by a production as it was by “We Did It For You.” This heartwarming play takes audiences on a profound emotional journey that results in a deepened awareness of, and appreciation for, women in history upon whose shoulders we stand today. How grateful we should be for the significant sacrifices made by amazing women who “did it for us.”  I urge you to run, don’t walk, to see this magnificent performance!” – Dr. Paula Fellingham, Founder and CEO of the Women’s Information Network (WIN) and

“The play is about everyday people that are extraordinary. They could be your mother, your daughter, your friend and they stand out in history. They meet in the living rooms and rally to a cause. Common women can relate to how everyday things can contribute to history. And the women putting it on are your neighbor, a teacher, a student, church ladies. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” – Kimberly Claytor, Ca. Federation of Teachers

“In light of the recent attacks on women’s rights, “We Did It For You” is a play that you and your daughters must see. When you witness this play you will understand the many struggles & triumphs of women throughout history.” – Patty Turrell, Women’s Journey Conference

“Great job!  Good luck in sharing it with others.  Very worthwhile!” – Libby St. John, AAUW-Laguna Hills

“This is exactly what I was hoping for all along…Bravo, not only for your educational, witty, and poignant play, but that it would told to an audience of both men and women – in this case predominantly men – as I have wanted to impress upon AAUW women throughout the nation. I spoke to the audience at last year’s AAUW National Convention in D.C. about not only designing programs such as Elect Her and $tart $mart to educate women on how to run for office and negotiate equitable salaries…but also to design programs for men to learn how important it is to accept women as equals, hence not making it so tough for us that we must consistently fight for equite!!! Congratulations, and I’m so glad that you taught us this play in Massachusetts!” – Barbara Brugo, AAUW-MA presidentelect


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