Responses from Cast Members

“I am looking forward to doing it again, and again. My friends and family loved it also. Learning with laughter.” – Marty Green

“We Did It For You” is a wonderful musical that is informative, poignant, thought provoking and just plain fun! Every character played an integral part in the development of “Today’s Woman”; many of the facts will surprise even the most knowledgeable person. – Ginni Gordon

“That was a great experience” – Christi Mottola

“Thank you for such a Wonderful Play to be in!!!!!!! It was really great!!!!!”  – Suzanne Boston

“THANKS for all your time and hard work!!!!!!!!! Everyone was wonderful and I had such a great day being in the company of such beauty!!” – Molly Greig

“It captures so much in so little time. ” – Marty Green

“The play demonstrates how you can make a difference when your passion is for something and you go for it.” – Anne Perrah

“Thank you AGAIN for a wonderful experience!! YOUR words got a standing ovation! I know this production will be an important work the whole world will benefit from! ” – BC Petrakos


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