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I'm a 58 y/o woman discovering I can act and sing via performing We Did It For You. It has been such fun and invigorating to be on stage speaking the words these women worked so hard to express. Aside from the fun, I am feeling very moved to have the privilege of standing in the place where Susan B. Anthony stood with her words or Mary Wolstonecraft cited her words from The Vindication of the Rights of Women. Also, I am so proud to be citing Sandra Day O'Connor's words from her speech. These women have contributed so much to our history and so few people know about it. It is quite an honor to be a part of this historical play.

Play reading at First Parish UU

Greg started the play by opening up the service as the UU does, lighting the chalice light, reading a wonderful quote and making announcements for the community and then we started. My smile just makes me feel giddy.  Watching the … Continue reading

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practice practice

As one of nine in our acting troupe, I am relearning my lines, fixing up my costumes and working daily not to be overwhelmed by the preparation it takes to take a show on the road.  I’m also in charge … Continue reading

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