March 25th in Santa Monica

We were invited by the AAUW-CA to perform in Santa Monica at the YWCA. Unfortunately, it rained! When does it rain in Southern California? Like once a year, and that’s the day we had to drive 60 miles up the 405. We almost got hit by a sign being pushed by the rain and wind, and then another car started fishtailing in front of us. Driving on freeways in the rain in SoCal is no fun and dangerous because there is no drainage.

But what was fun was performing! We had two new cast members Nancy Klann and Mary Schmidt to replace Shirley (who moved to Massachusetts). It was their first performance and they were a little nervous. They did fine, as did everyone else.

Before the performance, we acknowledged Ginni for winning the Ms Senior Orange County contest. A friend of hers had gotten her into the contest and she was totally shocked that she won. We weren’t surprised at all. After all, she plays Mary Kay for us.

The AAUW-CA presidents were in the audience for our performance. They were very impressed by the show, even though it was the third time they were seeing it.

It still amazes me how we are doing this. Ten women, ranging in skills from first time performers to seasoned actors, ranging in age from 40 to — well, beyond. They gather their energy, they rehearse, they travel, they schmooze, and they sing and act no matter with whomever else is on the stage with them. We’re all doing it, yes, because it is fun, but more importantly, we believe in what we are doing.

When we started this two years ago, women weren’t equal to men, but there wasn’t the viscious attack on women the way there is today. Our doing this is growing in importance, not lessening. People tell us high school students need to hear this show, but it’s more and more important that voters here this message. Do we want a political climate that further subjagates women? Or should we be out there educating women about their political power as a block? More women in the US are voting than men. They have the power to change the political discourse of this country.

About tiberall

Thea Iberall is a multi-talented writer. She studied playwriting at the Moving Arts Theatre and the Academy of New Musical Theatre. Plays include: We Did It For You! Women's Journey Through History, At Seven (Toledo Rep), Primed for Love (Eclectic Company Theatre) and Amacry! The Neuronic Musical (Out Theatre). She has a Master's Degree in Writing (USC). Her novel The Swallow and the Nightingale (Strong Voices) is a fable about a 4,000 year old secret brought through time by the birds. Her collection of contextual poems The Sanctuary of Artemis (Tebot Bach) integrates science and history with the language of poetry. She also has a Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience (UMass) and is the author of 3 scientific texts.
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